About us

Our Treatment Approach

The emphasis of our addiction treatment approach at Mudita Cara is to identify the underlying factors and trauma that drive our client’s negative behavioural patterns and substance abuse. We believe that drugs and alcohol are only symptoms of the true problem that drive our client’s compulsion to escape their reality. Only by coming to identify their back stories can clients begin to re-write their personal story and shape their futures Surrounded by unparalleled beauty in the Cradle of humankind, Mudita Cara

Rehabilitation Centre provides the perfect tranquil environment for clients seeking professional help for addiction and substance abuse.

There is often the impression that treatment for addictive disorders and dual diagnoses must be uncomfortable and unpleasant. Our approach is different. Through kindness and compassion for our clients, we help meet the needs, address challenges and achieve goals of each individual client through proven evidence based comprehensive addiction treatment methods.

We have helped many clients over the years to find freedom from substance use disorder and addiction. Please contact us today so that we can assist you or a loved one from the shackles of addiction, alcoholism and process addictions.

At Mudita Cara we treat a wide range of addictions and associated issues. Whether the problem area is alcohol, drugs, internet, depression or behavioural we can help.

We believe that with the right treatment and support anyone can break the destructive cycle of addiction and make a full and lasting recovery.

Our residential treatment programmes in Hartebeespoort are supported by a full range of after care services, including family support, counselling and relapse prevention. Our emphasis is on holistic care, treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms they present with and knowing that drugs and alcohol are just the symptoms of the real underlying problems.

Why Mudita Cara ?

 At Mudita Cara we believe that every single person and family that strugglings with addiction has the right to receive ethical, professional and affordable care. Unlike many treatment centres in South Africa we charge a fraction of their prices and proved our clients with quality addiction treatment in a beautiful African bush setting.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals ensure that the client is met with empathy and compassion. Mudita Cara offers a safe, ethical and compassionate space for our clients to recover. Opening our addiction treatment center not only reduced harm in the life of the clients suffering from substance use disorder but also in the lives of their families. Our philosophy is centered in unconditional positive regard for all our clients that come through our doors and allowing them freedom to be human again.

Our Care Ethos

Our aim is to bring lasting change to our client’s lives. We’re proud to provide effective, person-centred recovery programmes that bring together leading evidence, outcome based therapeutic modalities. We create personalised treatment plans for each client based on their biosocial assessment and screening process. Mudita Cara’s programmes are designed and delivered by leading
treatment professionals to achieve lasting recovery and empower the client to rebuild a life worth living. At Mudita Cara we acknowledge the enormous value of making our clients feel human again and breaking the stigma of substance use and co-occurring disorders

Our Mission

Our Mission at Mudita Cara Addiction Treatment Centre is to take our clients through a searching and fearless process of self-discovery and healing. Treating our clients with unconditional positive regard with no judgement makes the clients coming through our
doors feel human again, thus breaking the stigma of substance use and co-occurring disorders. Mudita Cara’s fundamental goal is to facilitate change in all our clients lives and help them believe, that they matter…….and that their stories matter….

We are here to help, if you or a loved one are looking for professional and affordable quality Addiction Rehabilitation, please contact us today for a free assessment and support.

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