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At Mudita Cara Secondary Care Treatment we specialize in the secondary phase of substance use disorder treatment, by means of Individual Counseling,Group Therapy,Psychoeducation, Twelve Step Facilitation and, Spiritual Care

in a in Honeydew with a caring and compassionate approach.


Mudita Cara was founded in 2017 by Jaco Coetzee. Jaco can empathize with the suffering of people in active addiction through his own journey from active addictions to recovery. Jaco got clean 7 years ago and continues to live a life of recovery and is an inspiration to all the people he comes across by telling his story. Mudita Cara offers a safe, ethical and compassionate space for our clients to recover. Opening our addiction treatment center not only reduced harm in the life of the clients suffering from substance use disorder but also in the lives of their families. Our philosophy is centered in unconditional positive regard for all our clients that come through our doors and allowing them freedom to be human again.

Over the years we have learned that while the symptoms of addiction might be similar we’re all unique. In our experience people need purpose and meaning in life. We help our clients find that meaning and purpose by exploring and accepting who they truly are- true change for our client and their families can then take place. Addiction affects all aspects of a person and our approach at Mudita Cara is to focus on the physical, emotional and psychological well being of our clients in a holistic way, tailored to each client.
We have helped many clients over the years to find freedom from substance use disorder and co-morbid psychiatric conditions. Please contact us today so that we can assist you or a loved one from the shackles of addiction and alcoholism.

Asking for help is never easy. If you, a loved one or colleague are exhibiting addictive behaviors and would like to receive help with a drug or alcohol problem, one of our experienced counselors are available to assist you.

Damian Maguire, Therapeutic Director.

Why choose Us

Our approach at Mudita Cara Addiction Treatment is one of care and compassion. We understand the road that has to be walked moving from active addiction to recovery from substance use disorder. Our clients needs are paramount.

Our Mission

Our mission at Mudita Cara Addiction Treatment is to help all our clients free themselves from the negative affects of substance use disorder through introspection and Psychoeducation.

What you get

We have caring and comitted treatment professionals with years of experience. We guide all clients and their families every step of the way.

What We Do


Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders Program


Evidence Based Therapy


Integration Support


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